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My mom, sister and I had a girls’ weekend at The Hershey Hotel.  The Hershey Hotel is gorgeous.  Upon driving up the long driveway you encounter beautiful tulips (my favorite) is purple, pink, orange, yellow and red.  The Hotel itself appears to have Mediterranean influences, and I read that Mr. Hershey planned to recreate an Egyptian resort.  It is like a palace with the fountains, gardens, and green, turquoise and tan tiles that decorate the walls.  To remind you that you are in Hersey, there is chocolate everywhere. It is actually quite charming that you receive chocolate upon check in, chocolate before you go to bed, and chocolate while you are at the spa. 

We had dinner at the Circular Dining Room which is a popular restaurant in this area.  Diners eat surrounded by stained glass windows  overlooking the gardens.  The food was just as good as the setting.  Although the appetizers and entrees were beautifully presented and full of flavor, it was the dessert that really stood out.  Being in Hershey, one may choose to order a true chocolate dessert, but as I was a little overwhelmed by all the chocolate already, I chose something a little different.  Not to worry, chocolate was involved.  Ricotta donuts with spiked chocolate fondue and chestnut ice cream.  Three little fried dough balls each speared with an extra long toothpick appeared on my plate with a ramekin of chocolate fondue and a scoop of ice cream.  Although the donuts did not taste like ricotta, which can be really light in flavor to begin with before it is fried, the donuts were much lighter than your typical donut and did not stay together as well.  Not truly a “dunkin” donut, because as we dunked into the chocolate fondue they fell apart.  They were still delicious and the cold chestnut ice cream was a great addition to the warm dish. 

The shops were equally as nice at the hotel, including Sweets, a cute pastry and candy shop decked out in bright colors.  These mini cupcakes called to me as a great gift for my husband.


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