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Since the weather is absolutely beautiful, we decided to walk around the city after dinner.  Deciding that we wanted ice cream we stopped by a place that we have not tried before.  However, the rest of the city had the same idea, so after waiting 10 minutes in a line for the girl scooping ice cream solo, and that line not moving, we decided to try the frozen yogurt place across the street.  It was also crowded, which we thought was a good sign, but it really was just a sign that the weather is good and more people are out.  Across the back wall in this brightly lit establishment were maybe 10 or so frozen yogurt self service machines.  Each spout held a different flavor.  You pick your cup and are free to try as many flavors asyou like.  Of course, as many as can fit into your cup.  Once that selection is made, you may move over for the toppings, which are plentiful…from mini marshmellows to fruity pebbles.  Last step, the scale.  After you have piled on the toppings, you must weigh your creation for the cashier.  It is deceivingly expensive, but you did get a bunch of flavors and a bunch of toppings, so that is sure to add up.  However, then comes the bite.  You take your first bite, expecting that sweet ending that was promised, and what do you get?  Sour.  Sour like real yogurt.  I understand that “yogurt” is a key ingredient in frozen yogurt, but when I think of frozen yogurt, I think of sweetness, but not as sweet as ice cream or gelato.  This was very cold yogurt that you would buy in the grocery store and have for breakfast.  And since I added mainly fruity pebbles to my yogurt, it really did feel like breakfast.


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